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Dark Harbor House

by Tom DeMarco

ISBN: 0-892725-11-7  
©2001  288 pages   softcover  
$14.45 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Fiction
(Sorry, quantity or bookseller discounts are not available for this title.)
Published by Down East Books

About the Book

Bring together a wonderfully varied mix of characters in a once-grand Maine island summer house, leave them to their own devices over the course of a long, idyllic summer in the late 1940's, and you have all the ingredients for a fine comedy of manners.

Available from Dorset House through a special arrangement with Down East Books, this is pure fiction—not software-related at all—from one of the most respected thinkers in the software industry.

Author Tom DeMarco starts with a simple little love story, weaves in tantalizing details of the old mansion's not totally respectable history, and adds a hint of gentle satire to create a novel that is touching, memorable, and deliciously entertaining.


". . . brimming with high spirits and rollicking good humor. A delightful tale about what is surely paradise on earth—a summer in Maine."

Tess Gerritsen
author of Gravity

"Never has a young man's loss of innocence seemed so sweet and touching. . . . I missed this book whenever I had to put it down and rushed to get back to it."

Lisa Alther
author of Kinflicks and Other Women

"Rarely has an author assembled such an eccentric yet wholly credible collection of characters. Dark House Harbor is well-constructed, full of insight, honesty and humor. With all its plots, subplots, digressions and diversions, the story flows along smoothly and gently. DeMarco's easy and elegant style, deft and efficient character portrayls, especially of young people at that precarious coming of age stage of life—and lively wit make this comedy of mannersa compelling and satisfying read. Tom DeMarco is a wonderful storyteller. Don't miss this book."

—Robin Lonski
The Enterprise



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