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Becky Winant


Becky Winant broke into software programming in the early 1970's on the advice of a bridge partner. From that point on, she planned to connect her education and passion for art with her growing respect for software and engineering. First, she explored computer graphics, APL, and computer time-sharing. In the early 1980's, she discovered visual software modeling at Yourdon under Tim Lister's management. After managing design and seminar groups at Yourdon, she decided to go it alone in promoting systems analysis and design. In 1985, she cofounded Esprit Systems Consulting with Robert Medrala, serving as president, principal consultant, mentor, and course author.

Esprit has built a first-class reputation in embedded systems methods education and consulting. This comes from advocating team skills with a deep understanding of analysis and design modeling principles. Becky's clients have described her as down-to-earth, practical, and well-informed.

Becky has been a speaker at many conferences and has been published in Object Magazine, JOOP, Automotive Manufacturing International, Auerbach's Software Engineering Magazine, and Wiley's Software Engineering Encyclopedia.

Bibliography: Becky Winant

Amplifying Your Effectiveness:
Collected Essays

(edited by Gerald M. Weinberg,
James Bach, and Naomi Karten )

ISBN: 978-0-932633-47-7   ©2000  
160 pages   softcover  
$24.95 (plus shipping)


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