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Contents of

Just Enough Requirements Management:
Where Software Development Meets Marketing

by Alan M. Davis

ISBN: 978-0-932633-64-4  
©2005  256 pages   softcover  
$33.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Requirements Management, Requirements Specification, Requirements Triage

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ONE: Introduction

Requirements Management
Just Enough
The Context of Requirements
The Relationship Between Schedule and Requirements
How Much Time to Spend on Requirements?
Who Should Define the Schedule?
Schedule Should Drive Requirements
How Much Time Between Releases?
The Components of Requirements Management
The Importance of Requirements Management

TWO: Requirements Elicitation

Definitions and Terminology
Why Do Elicitation?
Elicitation Techniques
Facilitated Group Meetings
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Scenarios, Use Cases, Stories, and Storyboarding
Modeling Notations
The Result of Elicitation
The Secrets of Just Enough Elicitation

THREE: Requirements Triage

Definitions and Terminology
Why Do Triage?
Basic Triage Techniques
Prioritizing Candidate Requirements by Importance and Cost
Estimating Effort for Candidate Requirements
Disagreements Concerning Relative Priority of Requirements
Disagreements Concerning Effort to Satisfy a Requirement
Establishing Requirements Relationships
Performing Triage on Multiple Releases
Making the Triage Decision
Delivery Date: Talking Apples and Apples
Advanced Triage Techniques
Considering Risks Inherent in Addressing Specific Requirements
Considering Market and Market Size
Considering the Market Window
Considering Market Penetration
Considering Price
Considering Costs
Considering Revenues
Considering the Effect of Investment
Putting It All Together
The Result of Triage
The Secrets of Just Enough Triage

FOUR: Requirements Specification

Definitions and Terminology
Classic Requirements Documentation Styles
The Content of a Requirements Document
The Role of a Requirements Document
Qualities of a Requirements Document
Specification Techniques
Feature Intensity
State-Based Problems
Decision-Based Problems
Nonbehavioral Requirements
User Interface
Hardware Interface
Requirements for Reports
The Result of Specification
The Secrets of Just Enough Specification

FIVE: Requirements Change

Where Do Changes Come From?
How to Keep Track of Requested Changes
Choices for Handling the Changes
The CCB Meeting
The Secrets of Just Enough Change

SIX: Summary

Requirements Elicitation
Requirements Triage
Requirements Specification
Requirements Change Management

APPENDIX A: Quick Recipes

Decide What Is or Isn't a Requirement
Decide What to Build
Produce a Requirements Document
Assess the Quality of a Requirements Document
Baseline the Requirements
Ensure That Everybody Knows the Requirements
Handle New Requirements After Baselining
Handle Multiple Customers

APPENDIX B: A Set of Documented Requirements

References and Additional Readings


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