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Software State-of-the-Art:
Selected Papers

by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

ISBN: 978-0-932633-14-9  
©1990  584 pages   hardcover  
$45.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Design, Software Industry, Software Testing

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Milestone Articles of the 1980s—
Compiled by DeMarco & Lister

About the Book

Peopleware authors Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister combed through ten years' worth of software magazines and journals and selected 31 of the best articles on software issues.

The articles, originally published in the 1980s, were chosen for their insights, readability, and enduring value. More than a dozen sources are represented, including IEEE Computer, Software Practice & Experience, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, and Communications of the ACM.

Here's a small sample of the landmark papers represented in this convenient collection:

  • Brooks, "No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering"
  • Boehm and Papaccio, "Understanding and Controlling Software Costs"
  • Humphrey, "Characterizing the Software Process -- A╩Maturity Framework"
  • Curtis, "Fifteen Years of Psychology in Software╩Engineering"
  • Knuth, "The Errors of TEX"
  • Bailey and Basili, "A Meta-Model for Software Development Resource Expenditures"
  • Selby, Basili, and Baker, "Cleanroom Software Development"
  • Weinberg, "Overstructured Management of Software Engineering"
  • Petschenik, "Practical Priorities in System Testing"
  • Jones, "Demographic and Technical Trends in the Computing Industry"
  • . . . plus twenty-one more!


"Everyone will have his or her own favorite in this list (mine is Fred Brooks's 'No Silver Bullet' paper), and there's a good chance that you will have read (and lost) several of the more familiar titles. More likely, there will be quite a few that you have been meaning to read but have been unable to find. Now you have no excuse . . . buy this book, then throw away all of the junk that has accumulated on your desk and bookshelves to make room for this wonderful new acquisition."

 —Ed Yourdon, American Programmer

Table of Contents

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