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The Aremac Project

The Aremac Project

by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-70-5  
©2007  368 pages   softcover  
$17.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Fiction, Science-Fiction Techno-Thriller

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Terrorists and Technology Clash in
Weinberg's Sci-Fi Techno-Thriller

About the Book

Can the Aremac Project Save a Bomb-Shattered Chicago from Terrorists Bent on Destruction and Extortion?

To find out, read The Aremac Project, a new sci-fi techno-thriller by award-winning author Jerry Weinberg that pits technology against terrorism in a body-strewn race against time.

Drawing on neuroscience and nanotechnology, grad students Roger Fixman and Tess Myers develop the software and machinery to take pictures of a person's memory. Unwittingly, these earnest researchers provide the US government -- and its enemies -- with a new and deadly form of interrogation.

The Aremac Roger and Tess develop is just what FBI agents Don Capitol and Lucinda Duke need as they attempt to identify and pursue a terrorist group that is bombing landmarks in Chicago and attempting to extort millions from the city.

Desperate for clues, Agents Capitol and Duke hire Roger and Tess to delve into a suspect's mind. But just as their prisoner's defenses start to crumble, a murderer puts an end to their progress.

The Aremac holds the key to identifying the murderer, which makes the machine -- and its developers, Roger and Tess -- the next terrorist target.


". . . a near-future thriller built around neuro-science and nanotech by one of the giants of the IT revolution. . . . he has plenty of ideas, and a way of making them convincing. He has a likeable pair of protagonists, a supporting cast that manages to avoid stereotyping, and he contrives to keep a few plot surprises up his sleeve. . . . Probably the closest comparisons among established SF writers would be Robert Forward and James P. Hogan. If that's your kind of reading fare, I suggest you give Weinberg a try."

—Peter Heck, Asimov's Science Fiction

"With double-dealing agents, atypical terrorists and a dash of humour Weinberg's proficiency in physics and communication sciences comes to the fore. As with all good thrillers readers are kept guessing for a while until it comes time to sit back, hold on and enjoy the final run home. . . . This makes for a feast of ideas that come at a pace that is sure to keep the pages turning."

—Peter Sykes
Sci-Fi Lists

". . . the source of my joy reading The Aremac Project - finding the gems of technical advice woven into the story of terrorists and hero technologists . . .

"His advice serves authors and others (like computer programmers) well, and for us this is worth the price of the novel. I recommend The Aremac Project for anyone wishing entertainment and consultation with one of the technical world's leading consultants."

—Dwayne Phillips
author of Management Secrets I Learned While Crushing Rocks

"As an avid Sci-Fi reader, I found this book fascinating. . . . it's an interesting tale of genius inventors, criminal investigation, and unusual terrorists. . . . Read this book."

—Rodger Drabick
posted on Amazon.com

"A fast-paced read brimming with raw excitement."

—Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

". . . an action-packed, science fiction novel about a mind-reading machine, one that can not only extract mental thoughts but mental images . . . a good read. The plot is fast paced and gripping . . ."

—Robert L. Glass, The Software Practitioner

"Gerald Weinberg loves to tell a good story, and the proof is his fast-paced new science fiction thriller THE AREMAC PROJECT. From its first provocative premise to its explosive ending, THE AREMAC PROJECT is a novel to read and remember. Not only does it have memorable characters and an intriguing plot, it also has warmth and humanity leavened with humor.

"It takes chutzpah to write straight to the heart of America's sorrow and anxiety over Islamic terrorist attacks within the United States. Weinberg handles this loaded topic with grace as he tells his story of researchers racing to recover accurate images from the human memory. His scientist and secret agent heroes are people you'd want to know, and his prime villain is an academic plodder that far too many of us have already met.

"Weinberg doesn't stoop to cardboard villains or cutout heroes. Each character in THE AREMAC PROJECT, of whatever ethnic origin or faith, is fully human. If we all lived with the compassion and wisdom Weinberg brings to his fiction, this would be a better world.

"I had only one problem with THE AREMAC PROJECT. Its exuberant tour of Chicago's superb ethnic cuisine—kosher-style, Polish, Italian, Chinese—left my mouth watering every time! Bring on the Mongolian beef and latkes and zuppa, but especially let's have more fine stories from Gerald Weinberg."

Susan Mayse, award-winning author of
Awen (EWU Press)

"Gerald Weinberg's THE AREMAC PROJECT is a page-turning science fiction/technological thriller that successfully combines wish-I-had-that futuristic technology with today's political and security climate. Smart characters, ingenious science, and plenty of twists and turns—this is a book you won't be ready to put down until the last clever move is played out."

Robin Brande, author of
Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature
(Knopf/Random House, 2007).

"THE AREMAC PROJECT combines the best of thrillers and science fiction in slam-bang near future action-adventure. Technology, love, and the underpinnings of our society intersect in Weinberg's fast-paced story. Now I just wish he'd go ahead and invent the real thing."

Jay Lake, author of Mainspring (Tor Books)

"I enjoyed THE AREMAC PROJECT. The science is so real I felt like I could go out tomorrow and buy an Aremac-controlled wheelchair. Way cool. The characters were every bit as interesting as the science. Gerald gives an unbiased, inside look at a culture that many misunderstand and fear. This is a great book."

Rebecca Shelley (R.D. Henham)
author of The Red Dragon Codex, coming January 2008

"If you like science fiction, mysteries or thrillers, I highly recommend this book. I couldn't put it down. . . . The technology is futuristic and believable and the short chapters keep it moving at a rapid pace. A great read!"

Diane Gibson, SEI

"I enjoyed THE AREMAC PROJECT. It was original and compelling with vivid details and memorable characters—characters I cared about. It was one of those books that kept me turning the pages late at night when I should be sleeping."

Adrian Nikolas Phoenix
author of A Rush of Wings, coming January 2008
(Pocket/Simon and Schuster)

". . . the chapters are short and this makes for a fast-paced read. There is also humour interwoven in a plot with many twists and turns that should keep you engrossed for hours.

"I loved the illustrated cover of this book, it one of those things that captures your attention and imagination. It is cunningly done so it reflects many of the aspects of this enthralling story. . . ."

—Jessica Roberts, author and reviewer, on Bookpleasures.com

"What would it be like to capture people's memories and thoughts on a computer? What could the far reaching implications be? I've recently read somewhere that this type of machine may be a present possibility. Gerald Weinberg's new book, The Aremac Project, is a "fiction" thriller which cleverly presents such a possibility.

". . . Is the technology presented in this book really fiction . . . or could it be established fact? An invention such as this could change the world, for better or for worse. I suggest reading The Aremac Project to decide for yourself."

—Marjorie Tietjen, freelance journalist, on Bookpleasures.com

". . . immensely readable. . . . the characters are vivid and likeable, the science is meticulous, and the writing style is very compelling. Roger and Tess were particularly well done, sympathetic while exceptional."

—Sean McMullen
author of Before the Storm

"A gripping story ripped from tomorrow's headlines. A great cast of characters, not one of them afraid to be smart . . . and with 'tude to spare. A fun read as a familiar name in books takes his first swing at the novel . . . and scores a home run!"

—Mike Shepherd
national best-selling author of Kris Longknife -- Defiant

"It's hard to easily peg this fast-paced plot: science fiction, romance, and mystery readers alike will be attracted to a techno-thriller with fast action and powerful characterization. Public lending libraries will find it a popular pick."

—Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch

"I am a long-time fan of Jerry Weinberg's non-fiction writing, and was pleased to hear he was moving into fiction. . . . The last fifty pages had me nailed to the chair, flipping pages, unwilling to get up for any reason - it's that good. . . . If you like cyberpunk or techno-thrillers, I suspect you will love it, but it's an enjoyable read even if that isn't your favorite genre. If Weinberg can produce this level of quality on his first novel, I suspect we have much to look forward to."

—Matt Heusser, posted on Amazon.com

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