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Everyday Heroes of the Quality Movement
From Taylor to Deming—The Journey to Higher Productivity

by Perry Gluckman and Diana Reynolds Roome
foreword by W. Edwards Deming

ISBN: 978-0-932633-26-2  
©1993  216 pages   softcover  
$19.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Quality & Productivity

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Six Inspiring Stories About Making Change Happen

About the Book

What does it take to make radical or even small-but-crucial changes in an organization's efficiency? What can American industry do to become more productive? Who examines old habits, tries out new systems, and takes the inevitable flack? Everyday Heroes of the Quality Movement addresses those issues with inspiring stories about process improvement and a sympathetic tribute to the people who make change happen.

Readers will find their own working lives reflected in the stories of the manager, the buyer, the engineer, the worker, the president, and the consultant. These everyday heroes are individuals who have changed perceptions. They are often unsung, and may risk their livelihood or status to stand out and oppose the old ways.

Based on the late Dr. Perry Gluckman's personal experience as a consultant implementing the theories of W. Edwards Deming, these fictionalized accounts let you into the lives of six people who put themselves on the front line of the battle for quality improvement. The stories tell real experiences of people who work in America's companies, from top executives to line workers. What they have in common is the courage to imagine a better working world and the fortitude to put themselves out on a limb to achieve it.


"A great book, delightful to read and very important. . . . a clever way to teach through the printed word."

 —W. Edwards Deming
from the foreword

". . . a wonderful book, describing almost word for word what we try to accomplish with people and organizations. I will be recommending it to everyone."

 —Gerald M. Weinberg
Weinberg & Weinberg

". . . refreshing. . . . very readably presents problems with the stated solutions. . . . inspiring, but also very practical."

 —Data Processing Digest

". . . inspiring and enjoyable. . . ."

 —Randy Rice
Software Quality Advisor

"Six lively, real-life case studies of quality advocates. . . . useful for group discussion."

 —Computer Book Review

"A revelation! This stuff is powerful."

 —Douglas Brockbank
Performance Solutions

Table of Contents

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