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Contents of

Practical Project Management:
Restoring Quality to DP Projects and Teams

by Meilir Page-Jones
foreword by Rob Thomsett

ISBN: 978-0-932633-00-2  
©1985  248 pages   softcover  
$34.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Project Management

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SECTION I Data Processing Serving the Corporation

Chapter 1 Achieving Cost-Effective Projects

1.1 Three measures of a project's success

1.2 Itemization of costs, benefits, and resources
1.3 Summary


Chapter 2 Estimating Resources, Costs, and Benefits

2.1 Estimating resources
2.2 Estimating costs
2.3 Estimating benefits
2.4 Summary


Chapter 3 Combining Successful Projects into Successful Systems

3.1 Lack of technical coherence
3.2 Difficulty in comparing separate projects' estimates
3.3 Unevenness in applying DP to the business
3.4 Summary


Chapter 4 Integrating Data Processing Applications with Business Strategy

4.1 Establish a business understanding and strategy group
4.2 Develop an understanding of the company's business
4.3 Devise a technologically based strategy
4.4 Initiate projects to accomplish the strategy
4.5 Potential problems with establishing a BUS group
4.6 Summary



Chapter 5 Organizing the DP Department

5.1 The need for organization
5.2 Common problems arising form departmental misorganization
5.3 Alternatives in organization
5.4 Organizational complexity and Mintzberg's theory
5.5 A model organization for a DP department
5.6 Adapting the matrix to your needs
5.7 Summary


Chapter 6 Managing the Project

6.1 Definition of project management
6.2 Plan
6.3 Organize
6.4 Integrate
6.5 Measure
6.6 Revise
6.7 Technical requirements for the project manager
6.8 A managerial assignment
6.9 Summary


Chapter 7 Setting Project Deadlines

7.1 Effects of the unrealistic deadline
7.2 Origins of unrealistic deadlines
7.3 Ways to handle unrealistic deadlines
7.4 Legitimate deadlines based on the value step
7.5 Summary


Chapter 8 Understanding Project Methodologies and Standards

8.1 Benefits of standards
8.2 Disadvantages of standards
8.3 A solution to some standards problems
8.4 Summary


Chapter 9 Reporting Project Status and Time

9.1 Project status reporting
9.2 Time reporting
9.3 Summary


Chapter 10 Holding Successful Meetings

10.1 Wally's meeting
10.2 Before the meeting
10.3 During the meeting
10.4 After the meeting
10.5 Summary


Chapter 11 Reviewing the Project

11.1 Structure of a project review
11.2 Types of project reviews
11.3 Summary


SECTION III People: A DP Department's Greatest Resource

Chapter 12 Hiring and Firing

12.1 Hiring
12.2 Firing
12.3 Summary


Chapter 13 Developing Your Staff

13.1 Education
13.2 Promotion
13.3 Motivation
13.4 Summary


Chapter 14 Establishing a Productive Working Environment

14.1 Effect of poor conditions on productivity
14.2 A radical alternative
14.3 Summary


Chapter 15 Working in a Mediocracy

15.1 Causes of a mediocracy
15.2 Responses to a mediocracy
15.3 Summary


Chapter 16 Respecting Realty

16.1 Three stages of shunning unpleasant reality
16.2 Whose realty is it, anyway?
16.3 Summary


Chapter 17 Minimizing the Human Toll

17.1 An unhealthy workload
17.2 An unhealthy psychological environment
17.3 Personal traits and stress
17.4 How to minimize stress
17.5 Summary



Appendix A Derivation of a Project's CPM Chart
Appendix B Problem Solving
Appendix C Qualities of a Good Manager


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