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Contents of

Project Retrospectives:
A Handbook for Team Reviews

by Norman L. Kerth
foreword by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-44-6  
©2001  288 pages   softcover  
$33.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Computer Consulting, Software Project Reviews

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1 Introduction to Retrospectives

The Need for Ritual
Naming the Process
Prime Directive for a Retrospective
The Darker Side of Retrospectives
The Retrospective Facilitator

2 Anatomy of a Retrospective: A Case Study

The Sample Retrospective
Preparing for the Retrospective
The Retrospective Plan
Retrospective Day 1
Retrospective Day 2
Retrospective Day 3
Preparing for the Facilitator’s Job

3 Engineering a Retrospective: Making Choices

Engineering a Retrospective

First Consideration: What is the purpose of this retrospective?
Second Consideration: How healthy is this organization?
Third Consideration: Do I have the skills to lead this retrospective?

A True Story

Who Should Attend the Retrospective?
Where Should the Retrospective Be Held?

Selecting a Residential Site

When Should the Retrospective Be Held?
How Long Should a Retrospective Be?

A True Story

4 Selling a Retrospective

Understanding the Market for Retrospective Sales

Segment 1 Sales Approach (Change As Habit)
Segment 2 Sales Approach (Change Due to Pain)
Segment 3 Sales Approach (No Change Requested)

Selling Is Okay

A True Story

"Qualify" the Customer

Effective Selling Requires Listening

Sell Trust, Confidence, and Ongoing Support

5 Preparing for a Retrospective

Connect with the Managers
Map the Community
Collect Effort Data

Sample Effort Data Collection E-mail

Ready the Team

Three Sample Retrospective Handouts

What Is a Retrospective? How Should You Get Ready?
Who Is Norm Kerth?
Retrospective Pre-work Handout

When to Get the Legal Department Involved

A True Story

Track Details with a Checklist

Retrospective Checklist

When to Arrive for the Retrospective

6 Retrospective Exercises

The Exercises

The "Introduction" Exercise
The "I’m Too Busy" Exercise
The "Define Success" Exercise
The "Create Safety" Exercise

A True Story
Another True Story

The "Artifacts Contest" Exercise

A True Story
References for Further Reading

The "Develop a Time Line" Exercise

Building the Time Line
Mining the Time Line for Gold
A True Story

The "Emotions Seismograph" Exercise
The "Offer Appreciations" Exercise

References for Further Reading

The "Passive Analogy" Exercise

References for Further Reading

The "Session Without Managers" Exercise

References for Further Reading

The "Repair Damage Through Play" Exercise
The "Cross-Affinity Teams" Exercise

A True Story
Preparing a Proposal for Management

The "Making the Magic Happen" Exercise
The "Change the Paper" Exercise

A True Story
References for Further Reading

The "Closing the Retrospective" Exercise

Designing a Retrospective Meal

References for Further Reading
A True Story

7 Leading a Postmortem

The Challenger Story
Transforming the Failed-Project Experience

Saving Face
Grieving Over Loss
Accepting a Lowered Self-Esteem

Qualifying to Lead a Postmortem

Some Important Differences Between Retrospectives and Postmortems

8 Postmortem Exercises

The Exercises

A True Story

The "CEO/VP Interview" Exercise
The "Art Gallery" Exercise
The "Define Insanity" Exercise

A True Story, Revisited

The "Make It a Mission" Exercise

A True Story
References for Further Reading

9 On Becoming a Skilled Retrospective Facilitator

Six Lessons

A True Story

Understanding the Facilitator’s Procedures

The "Dealing with Conflict" Procedure

References for Further Reading

The "Handling Resistance to Change" Procedure
The "Four Freedoms" Procedure

A True Story
References for Further Reading

The "Understanding Differences in Preferences" Procedure

A True Story
References for Further Reading

The "Ingredients of an Interaction" Procedure

References for Further Reading

The "Congruent Messages" Procedure
Incongruent Messages
The Incongruent Facilitator

References for Further Reading

10 After the Retrospective

Retrospective Reports
Collecting Retrospective Reports

Sample Report Format

Keeping the Wisdom Alive

A True Story

A Secure Location
Conduct a Retrospective of Your Retrospective
Collecting Retrospectives-of-Retrospectives Reports


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