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Quality Software Management:
Vol. 1: Systems Thinking

by Gerald M. Weinberg

*Now in softcover, at a lower price*

ISBN: 978-0-932633-72-9  
©1992  336 pages   softcover  
$36.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Management, Software Quality & Productivity, Systems Thinking

For customers interested in the hardcover edition: Please note that we have a limited number of hardcover edition books (ISBN: 978-0-932633-22-4), available for their original price of $41.95, plus shipping. Contact us via e-mail, telephone, or fax to request hardcovers.

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Enrich the Way Your Organization
Thinks About Quality

About the Book

High-quality software demands high-quality management. That's the subject of Quality Software Management, a four-volume series that has grown out of acclaimed author Gerald M. Weinberg's forty-year love affair with computers.

In Volume 1, Systems Thinking, the author tackles the first requirement for developing quality software: learning to think correctly—about problems, solutions, and quality itself. He also sets out guidelines that stimulate the kind of thinking needed. "Act early, act small" is key to staying in control of the software process. Managers need to serve as both planners and catalysts within the organization: to continually plan what to do, observe what happens, and then act decisively to bring the actual closer to the planned. Numerous examples illustrate "control points," areas that can be managed to prevent a crisis or to keep one from getting worse.

Topics include:

  • understanding quality
  • pressure and breakdowns
  • software cultures
  • patterns of quality
  • patterns of management
  • feedback effects
  • the size/complexity dynamic in software engineering
  • detecting failures and reacting to them
  • fault resolution dynamics
  • the role of customers.

Useful diagrams, references, exercises, and a bibliography augment the text.


"I like Jerry Weinberg. He's a lunatic: I like that in a person. He writes from a technical and psychological perspective, describing how to think about what you do. . . . This series is one of my favorites."

—Ron Jeffries

"The notation is so elegant that it takes almost no effort to learn and use it. The diagrams are simple and easy to understand and used in such a consistent manner that on has to wonder why this notation is not in widespread use. I hope it will be. . . ."

 —Software Quality World

"Once I read the book, I understood more about how to effect change with my peers so that I could improve our quality practices and we could succeed at turning our projects into products."

 —Johanna Rothman

"A must-read book for every software development manager."

—C.C. Dilloway
Computer Books Review

". . . very highly recommended!"

 —New Book Bulletin

"Weinberg addresses more clearly the form and essence of quality that we software people worry about. . . . I can't imagine a better way to help change the thinking process in your organization than the wide-scale distribution of Jerry Weinberg's wonderful new book."

 —Ed Yourdon
American Programmer

"With the current frenzy for Total Quality Management, ISO 9000, and Baldrige Awards dominating the industry, it's refreshing to have someone as down-to-earth as Weinberg focusing on the need for high-quality management as a necessary prerequisite for high-quality software. . . . [a] people-oriented approach to quality."

 —Warren Keuffel
Computer Language

"This is one of those landmark books that comes along at the right time and addresses the right set of issues. . . . what makes this book unique and invaluable is the organization and presentation of the material. This is a book every software development manager should study."

 —Shel Siegel
CASE Trends

Table of Contents

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