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Quality Software Management:
Vol. 3: Congruent Action

by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-28-6  
©1994  328 pages   hardcover  
$39.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Communication Skills, Software Management, Software Quality & Productivity, Technical Leadership

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To Manage Effectively,
Understand and Manage Yourself

About the Book

Becoming an effective manager is the subject of this third stand-alone volume in Gerald M. Weinberg's highly acclaimed series, Quality Software Management.

To be effective, managers must act congruently. That is, managers must not only understand the concepts of good software engineering, but also practice them. Effective managers need to know what to do, say what they will do, and act accordingly. Their thoughts and feelings need to match their words and behaviors.

Congruence has the sense of "fitting" —in this case, simultaneously fitting your own needs, the needs of the other people involved, and the contextual, or business, needs. Managers themselves must take responsibility for improving the quality of management and for changing their own attitudes and thinking patterns before they try to impose changes on everyone else.

As the author advises, "If you cannot manage yourself, you have no business managing others." This book offers practical advice on how to act and manage others congruently. Examples, diagrams, and tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) fortify the author's recommendations.

Topics include:

  • identifying the various styles of coping, especially under stress
  • selecting the best managers
  • understanding the role of self-esteem
  • and much more.


"Congruemt Action is about creating quality software not through the use of methodologies, CASE tools, JAD, or other silver bullets, but through the application of basic people skills crucial to good management. . . . In spite of computer folks having a reputation for atrocious people and communication skills, we'd rather read a book on ISDN communication protocols than one on people management."

 —Peter de Jager
CIO Canada

"If you care about getting complex development projects completed on time, with high quality but without total team burn-out, buy this book by Gerald Weinberg. Read it yourself, then give copies to your software team, starting with their managers. . . . Highly recommended."

 —Ron Jeffries

"The former star programmer who now struggles with the challenges of management will find, in Weinberg, a mentor with more than two decades of experience helping programmers, team leaders, and managers grow in the psychological and social dimensions of their professions. This book will probably make you think twice about some decisions you currently make by reflex. That alone makes it worth reading."

 —Tom Adams, IEEE Software

"The fundamental concept in Congruent Action is that, besides thinking right about software (Vol. 1: Systems Thinking) and observing the right things (Vol. 2: First-Order Measurement), you have to be able to put your ideas and observations into action."

Dorset House Quarterly, Vol. IV, No. 2

Table of Contents

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