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Contents of

Communication Gaps and
How to Close Them

by Naomi Karten

ISBN: 978-0-932633-53-8  
©2002  376 pages   softcover  
$33.95 (includes $6.00 for U.S. shipping by UPS)

Subject(s): Communication Skills

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CHAPTER 1: Mind the Gap 

  • The Ability to Communicate
  • Why Communication Gaps are Prevalent
  • Closing the Gaps
  • Key Recommendations
  • Gaps Galore

Section 1: Gaps in Everyday Interactions 

CHAPTER 2: Getting Through: Responsibilities of the Sender

  • Unnoticed Messages
  • Misstated Messages
  • Missed Messages
  • Cluttered Message
  • Hidden Messages
  • Off-putting Messages
  • One-Sided Messages
  • Unexplained Messages
  • Conflicting Messages
  • Befuddling Messages
  • Informing and Involving

CHAPTER 3: Misinterpretations: How Messages Cause Confusion

  • Two People Separated by a Common Language 
  • Terminology Disconnects
  • Everyday Terminology
  • Clarify, Clarify, Clarify

CHAPTER 4: Untangling Tangled Interactions: Reaction of the Recipient

  • Let Me Count the Ways
  • Ingredients of an Interaction
  • Intake: Candid Camera, with a Twist
  • Interpretations: Multiple Modified Meanings
  • Feelings: What Happens On the Inside
  • How to Put the Model to Use
  • A Few More Guidelines and a Caution 

Section 2: Gaps in Relationship Building 


CHAPTER 5: Building a Strong Foundation 

  • Working Together, Together
  • Foundation Building Takes Time and Effort
  • Build the Foundation While Building the House 

CHAPTER 6: Appreciating and Benefiting from Communication Differences 

  • A Framework for Discussing Communication Preferences 
  • Where You Get Your Energy: Extroversion (E) vs. Introversion (I)
  • How You Take In Information: Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)
  • How You Make Decisions: Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)
  • How You Relate to the World: Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)
  • It Takes All Kinds 

CHAPTER 7: Understanding the Other Party's Perspective     

  • On Using a Perspectoscope
  • Start by Scrapping Your Labels 
  • Ponder Factors that Influence Other People's Behavior 
  • Observe From Different Perspectives 
  • Become Truly Empathetic
  • Consider Their Case In Making Yours 
  • Try Something Different 

CHAPTER 8: The Care and Feeding of Relationships

  • Give Thanks 
  • Conduct a Temperature Reading 
  • Give Personalized Attention 
  • Stay Connected 
  • Create Communication Metrics
  • Create Relationship-Tending Roles 

Section 3: Service Gaps

CHAPTER 9: The Communication of Caring

  • Contributors to Customer Satisfaction 
  • Universal Grievances
  • Claims of Caring 

CHAPTER 10: Gathering Customer Feedback

  • Three Feedback-Gathering Flaws
  • Asking the Right Questions and Asking the Questions Right
  • When and How to Gather Feedback
  • Act on the Feedback Gathered
  • Perceptual Lags

CHAPTER 11: Service Level Agreement: A Powerful Communication Tool

  • Why SLAs Fail—and How to Ensure that Yours Will Succeed
  • Adapting the Tool

Section 4: Change Gaps 

CHAPTER 12: The Experience of Change

  • Failure to Communicate
  • The Stages of Response to Change
  • Change Models
  • The Satir Change Model
  • Meta-Change
  • Chaos as Status Quo 

CHAPTER 13: Changing How You Communicate During Change 

  • Respect the Matter of Timing 
  • Expect Individual Differences in Response to Change 
  • Allow Time to Adjust 
  • Treat the Old Status Quo with Respect 
  • Allow People to Vent 
  • Listen Proactively 
  • Provide Information and More Information 
  • Say Something Even When You Have Nothing To Say
  • Empathize, Empathize, Empathize 
  • Dare to Show People You Care 
  • Involve People in Implementing the Change 
  • Educate People about the Experience of Change 
  • Deal With It! 


Table of Contents
Excerpt: "Communicating Change"
Author Interview

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