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Contents of

Data Structured Software Maintenance:
The Warnier/Orr Approach

by David A. Higgins
foreword by Nicholas Zvegintzov

ISBN: 978-0-932633-03-3  
©1986  212 pages   softcover  
$23.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Software Design, Software Maintenance

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1 Maintenance Problems

1.1 Psychological Objections
1.2 Technical Issues
1.3 Summary

Questions for Discussion

2. Good Programs

2.1 Existing Software
2.2 Structured Programs
2.3 Good Programs: A Definition
2.4 Unstructured Programs

2.4.1 Bad Programs
2.4.2 GOTOless Programs Example

2.5 Summary

Questions for Discussion

3. Improving Program Maintainability

3.1 Maintenance Factors

3.1.1 Use Meaningful Names
3.1.2 Improve the Organization
3.1.3 Improve the Documentation
3.1.4 Redesign the Program
3.1.5 Reorganize the Data in the Data Base
3.1.6 Revise System Requirements and Organization Plans

3.2 Summary

Questions for Discussion

4. Program Design

4.1 Fundamental Concepts
4.2 Mappings

4.2.1 Logical Mapping
4.2.2 Physical Mappings

4.3 Summary

Questions for Discussion

5. Logical Design

5.1 Creating the Logical Output Structure
5.2 Developing the Logical Data Structure
5.3 Creating the Logical Output Mapping
5.4 Summary

Questions for Discussion

6. Physical Design

6.1 Determining Physical Consideration
6.2 Developing the Augmented LOM
6.3 Manipulating Control Data
6.4 Developing the Physical Output Mapping
6.5 Developing the Physical Input Mapping
6.6 Summary

Questions for Discussion

7. Maintaining Good Designs

7.1 Understanding Program Entropy
7.2 Updating Program Design Documentation
7.3 Organizing the Documentation Package

7.3.1 Introduction
7.3.2 Output Definition
7.3.3 Logical Design
7.3.4 Physical Design

7.4 Documenting Complex Output's
7.5 Motivating Maintainers to Update Documentation
7.6 Summary

Questions for Discussion

8. Program Repair

8.1 Aspects of Maintainability
8.2 Repairing Existing Programs
8.3 Limitations of the Method
8.4 Summary

Questions for Discussion

9. Modifying Traditional Programs

9.1 Program Redesign
9.2 Sources for Program Requirements

9.2.1 Program's Output
9.2.2 Program's Input
9.2.3 Former Programmers and Users
9.2.4 Existing Documentation and Regulations
9.2.5 Source Code

9.3 Improved Modifiability from Requirements
9.4 Summary

Questions for Discussion

10. Program Enhancement: Part One

10.1 Adding an Output

10.1.1 Evaluating the Design
10.1.2 Modifying the Code

10.2 Summary

Questions for Discussion

11. Program Enhancement: Part Two

11.1 Modifying the Data Content
11.2 Developing the Logical Redesign
11.3 Reorganizing the Existing Program
11.4 Creating the New Physical Design
11.5 Summary

Questions for Discussion

12. Maintaining Large Programs

12.1 Applying DSPD to Large Programs
12.2 The Evolution of Large Programs
12.3 Similarity of Large Programs to DP Systems
12.4 Timing
12.5 Summary

Questions for Discussion

13. Getting Started

13.1 Structured Maintenance
13.2 Expected Problem Areas
13.3 Productivity and New Technology
13.4 Tooling Up
13.5 Summary

Questions for Discussion

Appendix A Warnier/Orr Diagrams


Appendix B Coding Warnier/Orr Designs

Coding Conventions
Coding Constructs
Sample Program



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