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The Practical Guide to Business Process Reengineering Using IDEF0

by Clarence G. Feldmann

ISBN: 978-0-932633-37-8  
©1998  240 pages   softcover  
$34.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Requirements Engineering, Systems Analysis

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About the Book

Chosen by the DoD
As a Government Standard for BPR

This book answers the call for a concise, comprehensive introduction to IDEF0 and its application in business process reengineering (BPR) efforts.

Here is all the essential information about the IDEF0 method, the function analysis portion of the Integration Definition (IDEF) Methods—its definition, basic rules of usage (including the standard language syntax and semantics as contained in the Federal Standard), and lessons learned from many years of application in the real world.

The book features examples based on actual models of commercial clients and government agencies. By studying IDEF0 models, readers learn how the method might be applied to the various aspects of enterprise analysis or systems analysis and what goals and benefits are reasonable to expect from its application.

IDEF0 is at the heart of the DoD's version of BPR. In the private sector, industrial organizations that may have initially discovered IDEF through one or more government contracts have adopted it as a method for use with their own corporate BPR efforts.

Use this book to apply the techniques of this increasingly popular member of the IDEF family of methods!


From the Foreword

"Clare Feldmann is one of the pioneers in the belief that understanding processes and activities is the key to the application of technology to problems. This book shares with you many of his thoughts on how to effectively reengineer. . .

"Clare's favorite technique is shown here—IDEF0—the integrated definition language that he helped create in the 1970's. . . .

"For those of us in Government, rapid change is upon us. The Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 now mandates that managers redesign processes before recommending information technology investments. . . . With IDEF0, Clare shows managers a proven way to assure that those investments make sense. . . .

"Here you have a master who is describing his art—and the only charge for his services is the cost of the book. What a bargain!

"If you only have time to read one book on the subject, this is it. Enjoy."

John V. Tieso

Three Major Elements of the Method

  • The concepts are at the foundation of IDEF0, and they preserve the logical sense and intention of the model. These concepts answer why one approach is used over another in the application of IDEF0, and they provide the experienced analyst with the rationale for when it may be necessary to bend the rules.

  • The language of IDEF0 is the analyst's means of describing the activities of an enterprise to other analysts, readers, enterprise management and staff, and others. The language is written in graphical box-and-arrow notation on diagram forms that are structured to form IDEF0 models.

  • The pragmatics of IDEF0 provide the engineering procedures and the do's and don'ts for the use of IDEF0. In many cases, the pragmatics are so closely tied to the concepts and language that they are inseparable, and analysts who have attempted to use IDEF0 without employing the pragmatics have typically been unsuccessful. The most common misuses of IDEF0 are illustrated to show the kinds of problems that can occur if the pragmatics are not followed.


"This book is an explanation of the IDEF0 syntax and structure and how to apply it to business operations. No previous experience is necessary, the diagrams are largely self-explanatory and what little extra explanation that is needed is provided. . . . I recommend that you read this book if you are currently in the process of altering your business practices."

—Charles Ashbacher
posted on Amazon.com

"This book provides an excelent introduction to using IDEF0, with many illustrations. Anybody familiar with functional decomposition-oriented methods should be able to learn it quickly. . . . The writing is clear and easy to follow."

—W.S. Hoffman
Computing Reviews

"The author is clearly writing from experience. . . . His experiences come through in the text."

 —Elliot Chikofsky
Progress Software Corp.

"Having applied the method for more than twenty years to real problems in a consulting and training capacity, I have compiled this do's and don'ts guide to identify the ways the method has been misused and to identify and correct these misuses. . . .

"The material presented here is for three classes of participant: people who wish to explore the concepts and application potential of IDEF0 for enterprise reengineering; people who wish to determine how IDEF0 might be helpful to them in their systems analysis efforts; people who have been introduced to IDEF0 concepts, and who wish to understand the theory behind the concepts so that they can use it more effectively."

from Chapter 1

Table of Contents

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