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Contents of

The Practical Guide to Business Process Reengineering Using IDEF0

by Clarence G. Feldmann

ISBN: 978-0-932633-37-8  
©1998  240 pages   softcover  
$34.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Requirements Engineering, Systems Analysis

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Figures & Tables xii
Foreword xvii
Preface xix

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Method     1             top

Communication with IDEF0     1
Overview of IDEF0 Syntax     2
Origins and History of IDEF0     4

An Early Opportunity     5
A Good Name     6
A Series of Methods     7

Elements of IDEF0     8
Use of IDEF0 with Other Methods and Tools    10

IDEF0 and Scope of Application     10
IDEF0 and the System Development Life Cycle     12
IDEF0 and CASE     12
IDEF0 and Systems Analysis     13
IDEF Methods and Object-Oriented Methods     14
IDEF Models and Integration with Other Methods     14

Chapter 2: Using IDEF0 for Process Improvement     15             top

Use of IDEF0 in Support of BPR     16
Use of IDEF0 for Military Downsizing and Reorganization     17
Benefits of Using IDEF0 Models for Enterprise Reengineering     20
The Reader/Author Cycle and the Workshop Approach     21
The AS-IS Model    24

Case 1: Facilitate Information Flow    25
Case 2: Reduce Costs    27
Case 3: Analyze Performance    29
Case 4: Introduce Business Process Concepts    33

Conclusions from Commercial and DoD BPR Efforts to Date    37

Chapter 3: Features and Benefits of the IDEF0 Activity Modeling Method    39             top

The Seven Basic Principles    39
Scope of Subject Matter That Can Be Handled by IDEF0    40
Benefits Resulting from the Use of IDEF0     41
Features of IDEF0 Analysis    43
Comparison to Data Flow Diagramming    45
Understanding a Top-Level IDEF0 Diagram of an Enterprise     49
Levels of Abstraction in IDEF0 Models 51
The Role of Data Analysis Compared to IDEF0 Function Analysis    53

Chapter 4: IDEF0 Graphic Language Syntax and Semantics     55             top

Activity Box Syntax    56
Arrow Syntax Elements    57
The IDEF0 Diagram Form     59
IDEF0 Model Rules     63

Chapter 5: Pragmatics    81             top

Defining the Purpose, Viewpoint, and Type of Breakdown     82
Starting the Model     84
Validating the Model    88
Modeling Other Viewpoints    92
Using Node Diagrams, Schematics, and FEO Diagrams    95
Using the Reader/Author Review Process    101

Chapter 6: Do's and Don'ts     106             top

Language Rules    107
Box Rules    107
Arrow Rules    110
Diagram Rules    115
Model Rule    117

Model Quality Measurement    122
Achieving Model Quality    135
Management Lessons Learned    140

Appendices    145             top

Appendix A: Types of Models and Forms of Breakdown    147            

Modeling the Function versus the Process    147
Forms of Activity Breakdown     149

Appendix B: Sample Models    156            

Appendix C: SADT and IDEF0—A Historical Perspective    172            

Comparison of SADT with IDEF0    173

Appendix D: SADT Data Models, IDEF0, and IDEF1X    175            

Appendix E: A Modeling Process Case Study    179            

Background of the Restaurant    179
Excerpt from an Interview with the President and CEO    180
Excerpt from an Interview with Jeff Shermon     182
Modeling Ben's Burgers    182

Key Terms     207

Index    213

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Table of Contents

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