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Designing Quality Databases with IDEF1X Information Models

by Thomas A. Bruce
foreword by John A. Zachman

ISBN: 978-0-932633-18-7  
©1992  584 pages   hardcover  
$57.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Database Design

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The Quintessential Book on Information Modeling and Database Design—Including a Real-World Case Study

About the Book

This comprehensive text shows how to use IDEF1X information models to specify business information requirements, policies, and rules, and describes how to use these specifications to design and build high-quality database applications.

Using IDEF1X, a language for describing information structures, Thomas A. Bruce provides a clear and practical text that teaches the reader to think about complex data and business rules without being concerned about the particular characteristics of the database management system that will be used for implementation. The text addresses both those who want to know the why and those who want to know the how of data-driven design.

Intended for use by managers, systems professionals, and students, the text is divided into three parts:

  • Part One presents the general concepts behind databases, information management, and information modeling in the context of Zachman's Framework for Information Systems Architecture.
  • Part Two fully describes the symbols and semantics of IDEF1X, and speculates about the future of information modeling as well as the evolution of the IDEF1X language to support object-oriented and rule-based systems development.
  • Part Three provides an extensive case study of a California produce market, employing the concepts introduced in the book.

Chapter-end exercises and references, eight appendices, a glossary, an index, and more than 300 figures and tables complete the text.


"This book is one of the best-written technical books that I have come across. . . . It should be part of every computer person's library."

 —Robert L. Katz,
IBM Systems Journal

". . . valuable insights for both beginners and database professionals. I think it will quickly become a leading book in the database field."

 —Maurice Frank,
CASE Trends

"Going beyond a mere definition of the IDEF1X standard, Bruce takes the reader on a journey through the world of data modeling and data architecture using IDEF1X to explore the impact that modeling decisions have on the business."

 —Jo Meader,
Data Resource Management Journal

". . . a comprehensive and coherent description of the pragmatic issues of database design. . . . I would heartily recommend this book to managers and aspiring-to-be managers in information processing organizations."

 —Elliot Chikofsky,
Progress Software Corp

"This is not a dry theoretical book about language and syntax; it is a practical one about how to tackle real information modeling issues, by someone with over 20 years experience."

 —Chris Loosley, InfoDB

". . . lots of extremely useful advice. . . . a solid, practical approach for modeling data and designing relational databases."

 —Karen Watterson, Data Based Advisor

". . . the best book on information modeling . . . "

 —Terry Moriarty, Database Programming & Design

Table of Contents

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