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Strategies for Real-Time System Specification

by Derek J. Hatley and Imtiaz A. Pirbhai
foreword by Tom DeMarco

ISBN: 978-0-932633-11-8  
©1987  408 pages   hardcover  
$49.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Systems Analysis, Systems Architecture, Systems Design

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About the Book

Integrated, Widely Implemented Techniques for
System and Software Developers

Here is a casebook, a practical reference, and an indispensable guide for creating a systematic, formal methodology for large, real-time, software-based systems.

The book introduces the widely implemented Hatley/Pirbhai methods, a major extension of the DeMarco analysis method describing how external events control the system's operating behavior. The techniques are used in major avionics and electronics companies worldwide, and are automated by most major CASE tools, including TurboCASE/Sys by StructSoft, Inc.

Large software-based systems, especially those for real-time applications, require multi-mode operation, direct interaction with a rapidly changing physical environment, and fast response times. In the past, the development of such systems was prone to massive cost and schedule overruns, and to inadequate performance and reliability. Strategies for Real-Time System Specification addresses these problems by integrating a finite-state machine structure into classical analysis methods.

The book contains nearly 200 diagrams, many of which illustrate the requirements specification of a flight management system for a major avionics developer.


"a marvel of clarity and organization. . . . What sets this book apart is its readability. . . . Flip the book open to any page and you'll find a paragraph that, standing on its own, tells you something new in words you can understand about the topic of the chapter at hand. The book holds its focus. . . . if you can afford time to read only one book on real-time systems design, read this one. . . . Highly recommended."

 —P.J. Plauger,
Embedded Systems Programming

"It gives serious practitioners a method to tackle their most challenging real-time projects."

 —CASE Outlook

". . . a great step toward formalizing real-time system design. . . . will serve equally well as a tutorial introduction to these methods or as a reference. . . . The writing is clear and precise."

 —IEEE Software

". . . easily accessible to readers with some experience of developing large systems, explaining where the methods come from and what they aim to achieve. It provides detailed descriptions of each activity's end-product . . . followed by a good explanation of how to carry it out. Highly recommended."

 —Computer Weekly

Table of Contents
Foreword by Tom DeMarco
Excerpt: "Overview"

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