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Contents of

To Satisfy & Delight Your Customer:
How to Manage for Customer Value

by William J. Pardee

ISBN: 978-0-932633-35-4  
©1996  280 pages   hardcover  
$39.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Requirements Engineering, Software Quality & Productivity, Systems Analysis

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Overview of Quality Function Deployment
A Case Study: The ClubCarib Golf Course
Organization of the Book
Audience for This Book

Part I: Executing the QFD Process

1 Set and Monitor Goals

The Project's Business Choices
Role and Composition of the Management Advisory Panel
Periodic Review of Project Business Goals
Case Study: The ClubCarib Golf Course Charter

2 Discover Customer Benefits

Satisfiers, Dissatisfiers, and Delighters
Whose Benefits Matter?
Methods to Discover Customer Benefits
Plan the Discovery of Customer Benefits
Writing a Scenario for a Contextual Inquiry
Knowing When to Quit

3 Analyze Customer Benefits

Identify Customer-Desired Qualities from the Data
Classify Qualities as Functions, Entities, or Properties
Separate Benefits, Design Criteria, and Features
Use Affinity Analysis to Group Related Benefits
Example: ClubCarib Golf Course Benefits
When to Begin, When to Go on, What to Review

4 Quantify Customer Value

Describing Customer Satisfaction
Determining Customer Importance
Comparing Penalty and Reward
Set Target Performance in the Planning Matrix
Example: Customer Importance of ClubCarib Benefits
When to Begin, When to Go On, What to Review

5 Develop Design Criteria

Why Specify Design Criteria At All?
Characteristics of Good Design Criteria
Generate Design Criteria
Example: ClubCarib Golf Course Design Criteria
When to Begin, When to Go On, What to Review

6 Link Design Criteria to Benefits

Link Each Criterion to Individual Benefits
Predicted Rating: How Good Will It Be?
Inferring Criterion Customer Value
Example: Golf Course Relationship Matrix for Criteria to Benefits
Check for Completeness and Simplicity
Specify the Design Criteria
When to Begin, When to Go On, What to Review

7 Select Design Features

Comparing Design Alternatives
List the Design Characteristics
Specifying Characteristics of the Design Process
Example: ClubCarib Design Characteristics
Link Design Characteristics to Design Criteria
Mock-ups and Prototypes
Correlation Matrix
Example: Golf Course Characteristics
Specifying Design Characteristics
When to Begin, When to Go On, What to Review

8 Plan the Implementation

Three Graphical Tools
Controlling Implementation
When to Begin, When to Go On, What to Review

Part II: Managing the QFD Process

9 Manage the Team

Team Leadership
Team Composition
The Project Plan: Schedule and Meetings
Team Decision Practices

10 Support the Process

Reviewing Technical Progress
What and When
Managing Technical Changes
Supporting Cooperative Team Performance

11 Starting Out

Plan: Build Support and Choose Process Components
Do: Test with a Pilot Project
Check: How Well Did It Work?

Part III: Extending QFD to Common Challenges

12 Maximize the Value of a Product Line

Multiple Product Decisions at Chartering
Benefits Analysis
Customers With Different Values
Multi-Product Design Criteria Decisions
Design Stage: New or Just Improved?
Bundling and Unbundling

13 Delight Multiple Stakeholders

Combining Benefits of Distinct Stakeholders
Combining Penalties and Rewards from Several Stakeholders
Example: Whiterock Office Communication Systems

14 Maximize Opportunities for Radically New Technology

Characterize the New Possibilities
Who Needs It?
How Good Will It Be in Your Customer's Eyes?
How Much Is the Better Technology Worth?

15 See the Forest and the Trees

Connect the Major Issues
Resolving Detailed Issues: Zooming In
Changing Trees Changes the Forest: Zooming Out

16 Manage a Team of Teams

The Systems Team Role
Role of the Thread Teams and Linked Loops
Role of Team-to-Team Communication
A Non-Systems Model: The Coral Reef Model

17 Conclusion

Deep Knowledge of Your Customer
Teams Outperform Groups of Individuals
Dual Role of Numbers
Separation and Connection of Concerns
Effects on Your Organization's Culture


Appendix A: Mathematical Description of QFD

Qualities and Customer Value
The Value of Actions
Composite Qualities and Their Properties
Links Between Composite Qualities

Appendix B: The Analytic Hierarchy Process in QFD

Determining Values in a Hierarchy
Approximate Eigenvector Calculation Method
Relationship of AHP to QFD
Example: Estimating Material Weights
Example: An Approximate Eigenvector Calculation


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