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Systems Modeling & Requirements Specification Using ECSAM:
An Analysis Method for Embedded and Computer-Based Systems

by Jonah Z. Lavi and Joseph Kudish

ISBN: 978-0-932633-45-3  
©2005  400 pages   softcover  
$47.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Systems Analysis, Systems Design

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A Proven Approach to Modeling
Operational, Functional, and Design Requirements

About the Book

Discover ECSAM, a method for requirements engineering and the modeling of computer-based systems (CBS). Practiced since 1980 in evolving versions by systems and software engineers, ECSAM was developed in part at Israel Aircraft Industries for the analysis and design of complex reactive embedded systems and software and has been presented in numerous undergraduate, graduate, and industrial courses.

The method guides engineers in modeling operational, functional, and design requirements, considering both static and dynamic aspects of systems.

With an end-to-end example of the method developed throughout the book, readers learn how to

  • develop conceptual models of the structural and operational properties of computer-based systems and their software
  • develop systematically operational scenarios and use cases describing the interaction of the system with its environment
  • elicit and specify functional and nonfunctional requirements
  • allocate requirements to components of the conceptual model and use the model for the refinement and derivation of requirements
  • understand the issues of mapping the conceptual model to the design model

Core audiences include those involved in the development of complex or mission-critical computer-based systems and their software, systems engineers, computer-based-systems engineers, software engineers, engineering managers, and students at undergraduate and graduate levels.


"I like this book a lot. It is one of very few books on systems and software engineering that introduces a solid and comprehensive methodology, which has been carefully worked out, has been extensively used, and has also been meticulously taught to a large number of students and engineers. . . . A truly valuable contribution to the field!"

Prof. David Harel, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

". . . an innovative but mature method that covers both conceptual modeling and requirements engineering phases of embedded systems design. This technically excellent contribution offers a concurrently readable and systematic guide not only for students but also for practicing designers and systems engineers."

Prof. Miroslav Sveda, Faculty of Information Technology Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

". . . provides a comprehensive method, bringing together a number of well-known techniques into a holistic framework. . . . thorough, explains many difficult issues well, and uses modern and accessible case studies to illustrate. . . . a valuable reference for both experienced and graduate engineers."

Prof. Mike Mannion, Dean
School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland

". . . an excellent introduction to a model-based design method for computer-based systems. . . . a comprehensive approach for modeling and analyzing heterogenous, computer-based systems. . . . an excellent source of reference for students and practitioners in this rapidly growing area."

Janos Sztipanovitz, Director
Institute for Software Integrated Systems
Vanderbilt University

". . . a comprehensive resource for computer-based systems designers, researchers, and students. It provides a well structured treatment of the underlying techniques that place the Embedded Computer Systems Analysis and Modeling method in well-grounded concepts of object-oriented design and state-space behavioral specifications. This unique reference draws extensively from the authors' experience on large design projects. It will serve as a fundamental reference text for embedded systems practitioners."

Jerzy W. Rozenblit
Professor and Head Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Arizona

". . . this book provides its readers with a tried and true approach to systems/software requirements specification and analysis. . . . Most importantly, the book provides the reader with insights into what to look for and what not. This is what I find missing in most of the newer and more revolutionary works on the topic.

"The ECSAM methodology seems applicable to many classes of systems which are driven by performance and operational considerations. The book is extremely useful for those who want to sue a methodology that permits them to develop a robust and consistent set of requirements for a system or subsystem."

Don Reifer, posted on Amazon.com

"Lavi and Kudish cover a lot of ground. They begin quite traditionally with a context diagram, scope, and 'determination of the system's boundaries'. They make a data dictionary and a top-level specification. Then they examine modes and states, events, transitions, conditions and time. . . Lavi & Kudish are surprisingly modern and agile for something so traditional. Both are excellent books -- rich in detail, well thought out, closely argued, well illustrated, reflective and practical."

Ian Alexander

"The Embedded Computer Systems Analysis and Modeling method (ECSAM), developed by Lavi and Kudish, was originally used to support the evaluation of complex "embedded" systems extensively in the aerospace and engineering industry. This methodology has become a useful tool for requirements engineering modeling. It is based on a holistic approach that permits a detailed examination of hardware and software components to overcome inadequate or unrealistic requirement specifications. . . .

"System engineers and developers will find the ECSAM methodology useful for its rigorous and disciplined approach for system analysis and modeling techniques."

Stuart Margach

"Lavi, the lead developer of ECSAM, shows how to use ECSAM to develop conceptual models of computer-based systems and their software. The guide is for those involved in the development of complex or mission-critical computer-based systems and their software, and can be used in industrial training courses and professional seminars for systems and computer-based systems engineers, software engineers, and engineering managers. . . ."

—SciTech Book News

"Lavi and Kudish present an interesting modeling and specification method in this book. ECSAM is able to cover a wide range of complex computer-based systems, and will certainly appeal to practitioners involved in specifying system architectures. . . .

"This progression -- from general concepts to detailed specifics -- is . . . the book's signature, making it stand out from other modeling books, where formalisms are presented abstractly and are not made clear for nonpractitioners. . . .

"In conclusion, this clearly written book . . . shows the common issues engineers face when modeling complex systems, and presents an elegant approach to solving them."

—Cherif Keramane
ACM Computing Reviews

Table of Contents

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