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Contents of

General Principles of Systems Design

by Gerald M. Weinberg and Daniela Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-07-1  
©1988  376 pages   softcover  
$27.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Requirements Engineering, Systems Analysis, Systems Design

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Chapter 1 The Problem of Persistence

Weinberg's Law (s) of Twins
The Continuity Taboo
The General Systems Approach to Continuity
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 2 Aggregates

The First law of Aggregates
Births and Deaths—The Fundamental Aggregate Equation
Differential Equations and Chronological Graphs
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 3 Birth-Free Aggregates

Social Versus Innate Survival
Exponential Decay
Alternative Ways of Representing Decay
Unimodal Life Tables, and Ogives
Composite Curves
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 4 Reasoning About Aggregates

Cooperation and Competition—The Law of Collapse
The Law of Typology
From Death to Births
Reasoning in the Presence of Births
The Second Aggregate Law
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 5 Modeling Differentiated Aggregates

The State Vector
Constructing a System of Equations
To Solve or Not To Solve?
Renaming Systems
The Renaming-Conservation Law
Simulation and Conservation
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 6 Programs for Models of Differentiated Aggregates

Varieties of Programs
Transitive Closure - The Diagram of Possible Effects
Structure Matrices
Time Scale and Continuity
Projecting Possible Effects with a Structure Matrix
Partitioning a System
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 7 Structure and Behavior

The Structure of Structure
Projecting Behavior With a Linear Program
Qualitative Reasoning About Structure
Detecting the Presence of Structure
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 8 The Structure-Regulation Law

The Equivalence of Structure and Input
Can A Linear System Be Stable?
Why Linear Systems Are So Popular
The Structure-Regulation Law
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 9 The Search for Regulation

The Problem of Multidimensional Regulation
Separation of Variables
The First Law of Regulatory Compromise
The Second Law of Regulatory Compromise
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 10 The Homeostatic Heuristics

The Internal Environment
Identifying and Essential Variables
The Homeostatic Principles
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 11 Other Regulatory Heuristics

The Feedback Principle
Analyzing Feedback Loops
The Piddling Principle
The Parallel Principle
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 12 Types of Regulatory Mechanisms

Conditional and Unconditional Mechanisms
Limitations of Error - Control
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 13 Regulation and Environment

Acting on the Environment
The Environment Regulation Laws
The Regulatory Model
The Game of Regulation
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 14 When the Model Fails

The Fundamental Regulator Paradox
Noise in Communication Systems
Noise in Models
Fudging the Model
Discarding the Worn-out Model
The Road Ahead
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 15 Making Regulation Mysterious

The Impression of Intelligence
The Myth of Superiority
Searching for Nonexistent Set Points
Other Set Point Fallacies
The Quest for Perfection
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 16 Overly Simple Views of Regulation

Plait Fallacies
The One-to-One Fallacies
The Kool-Aid Fallacy and the Aspirin Illusion
The False-Alarm Fallacy
Taking Complexity by the Horns
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 17 Blindness and Reversed Vision

Hidden Reserves
The Environment as Reference Point
The Homunculus Fallacies
Denying the Existence of Regulation
Questions for Further Research

Chapter 18 Epilogue

Questions for Further Research
Suggestions for Further Reading


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