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Contents of

Rethinking Systems Analysis & Design

by Gerald M. Weinberg

ISBN: 978-0-932633-08-8  
©1988  208 pages   softcover  
$27.95 (plus shipping)

Subject(s): Systems Analysis, Systems Design

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Part I The New World of Systems Analysis and Design

Mastering Complexity
Problems, Solutions, and Systems Analyst/Designers
The Education of a Systems Analyst/Designer
Beyond Structured Programming
The Three Ostriches: A Fable

Part II General Systems Thinking

What Is General Systems Thinking?
What Is the System and Why Does the Question Count?
Interdisciplinary Learning
The Two Philosophers: A Fable

Part III Observation

Can Observation Be Learned in the Classroom?
The Natural History of White Bread
The Railroad Paradox
The Dog Who Read Fables: A Fable

Part IV Interviewing

A Surefire Question
Self-Validating Questions
"The Question Is..."
Avoiding the Plop Problem
Avoiding Communication Problems through Generalization
The Fairy and the Pig: A Fable

Part V Design Philosophy

A Simple View of Design
Thing versus Process The Grand Dichotomy
The Three Bs
Design for Understanding
On the Origins of Designer Intuition
The Goat and the Hippo: A Fable

Part VI Tradeoffs

Optimitis and the Tradeoff Concept
Tradeoffs Quality versus Cost
Trading Analysis for Design
A Tradeoff View of Error Correction
A Cribbage Lesson
The Water Moccasin and the Waterproof Moccasin: A Fable

Part VII The Designer's Mind

Design as a Human Activity
Design The Reality and the Romance
How to Find Miracles
A Postscript on Miracles
The Confusion Technique
WIGGLE Charts A Sketching Tool for Designers
Featuring Failure
A Rose and a Rose: A Fable

Part VIII Epilogue

Appendix: Description of the Black Box System



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